Clinic Wish List


From food to equipment and everything in between. We are in need of the following:


  • Medical supplies

  • Non-Narcotic medications

  • Laptop and Projector for PowerPoint presentations

  • 2 Laptops for electronic health record keeping

  • Test Strips for glucose monitoring.

  • Thin Prep Test Vials for Pap Exams

  • Constant Contact Service for mass emailing and marketing

  • Meals on Tues. and/or Thur. evening clinics for volunteer Physicians

  • Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates and cups, plastic utensils, exam gloves, printer paper


Volunteers needed for a variety of clinical and/or office duties including:​​

  • Charting

  • Filing

  • Faxing orders for ancillary services

  • Manage website

  • Organize donated medications and supplies

  • Recruit volunteers

  • Log Volunteer hours

  • Marketing

  • Window art/decorating

  • Quarterly newsletter


Volunteers needed with professional healthcare background or currently in school for healthcare to assist with the following:


Clinic Nights Tuesday/Thursday


  • RN/LPN (Retired Nurses Welcomed)

  • PCT

  • CNA

  • Medical Assistant

  • EMT/Paramedic

  • Nursing students